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"A must read for anyone concerned about their their own, or their loved one's risk for Alzheimer's disease"

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Did You Know?

The incidence of Late-onset Alzheimer's disease is expected to triple or quadruple in the year 2050.  

An emerging and compelling explanation to this alarming projection is the biological phenomena of a brain insulin resistance and the underlying risk factors that are associated with it.  

The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer's Disease ebook is a thorough and revealing overview on how and why Alzheimer's is so prevalent. It's a vital read for anyone wishing to arm themeselves with the powerful knowledge that can slash their risk for dementia and preserve their cognitive function into the golden years ahead of them.  

Key Points Include: 

  • How brain insulin resistance contribute to the risk of Late-onset Alzheimer's disease 
  • The biological links between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease to Late-onset Alzheimer's disease  
  • The role of inflammation and oxidative stress in the development of Late-onset Alzheimer's disease  
  • The importance of understanding the identifiable risk factors that are linked to dementia disorders  
  • Why it is vital to proactively take steps now to save your brain
The Diabetic Brain eBook
Ralph Sanchez

About the Author Ralph Sanchez, M.T.C.M., CNS, D.Hom., is a complimentary health care practitioner and currently maintains a consulting service in functional medicine and a private practice of integrative medicine. Mr. Sanchez resides in Northern California. Mr. Sanchez holds a Master's degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a board certified nutrition specialist, and has a diplomate certification in homeopathic medicine.  

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