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My intention in this work is to raise your awareness and inspire you to save your aging brain and perhaps even your life. Whether for yourself or a loved one, be assured that you’re taking a significant and empowering step forward into a better future.

You will be carefully and diligently guided on the proactive measures to optimize your cognitive function and to proactively take control over the modifiable and assessable risk factors associated with cognitive decline in aging, and the potential for the onset of dementia in your elder years.

Our mission is to provide and build awareness on the Alzheimer’s disease pandemic and the cutting-edge science and resources that contribute to its reversal.

This course consists of a set of inspired and informational and modules that are designed to enhance your understanding of the underlying risk factors that are associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and the actionable brain-optimizing strategies that will reduce your risk.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction: 1st Cornerstone to Dodging Dementia: PROTECT
  2. 2nd Cornerstone to Dodging Dementia: REJUVENATE
  3. 3rd Cornerstone to Dodging Dementia: ENERGIZE
  4. Review and Final Thoughts

The course material built into the modules is extrapolated from a massive body of science-based approaches that have been demonstrated to enhance cognitive function and protect against the cognitive decline associated with aging and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

The goal of BrainDefend™ is:
Preserving Memories

Save Your Brain…Save Your Memories…Save your Life


  • Better memory retention
  • Better focus and learning
  • Better moods
  • Better energy
  • Better physical and mental health

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