A Personalized Body-Brain Health and Renewal Program designed to protect and optimize your cognitive health as you age.

Save your Brain
Save your Memories
Save your Life

How much do you treasure your memories, and what would your life be like if you lost them forever?
Without your memories, people, places and experiences fade away and no longer anchor your life in the present. Once dementia takes over your mind, the present becomes a state of confusion, and your golden years slip away into an unrecognizable time and place. 
BrainDefend™ was designed for people like you and me. We want to keep our cherished memories, and make new ones. We want to thrive in our our “elder years” and have them be fun and fruitful. 
If that future resonates with you, please read more about the BrainDefend™ Body-Brain Renewal program below. The BrainDefend™ cornerstones, Protect, Rejuvenate, and Energize are based on the growing body of science that reveals how you can keep your brain sharp, and reduce your risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s as you age.   
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Protect initiate proactive steps to protect against the brain damage that is associated with cognitive decline and the risk for dementia as one ages.


Why is a focus on protecting cognitive function as we age important?


A. Many of the typical and accepted signs associated with aging, such as forgetfulness and indecisiveness, may actually be brain damage that is slowly putting you and your brain at a greater risk for dementia. A proactive and brain protective plan is essential to healthy aging. It is now understood that Alzheimer’s disease begins up to 30 years before any diagnosis of the disease is possible.



What do I do to protect my brain as I age and how can you help?

A.  Research shows that diet and lifestyle factors are fundamental to lowering the risk for many diseases associated with aging. The program guides you on a path that includes careful analysis of your need for key protective nutrients that might be missing from your diet, and the best forms of exercise and stress modification tools that will be instrumental to optimizing and protecting brain function.


Isn’t a healthy diet and exercise program, and regular medical checkups enough?

A. Diet and exercise are core pieces to a healthy body and brain throughout one’s lifetime. However, there are many risk factors associated with cognitive decline as we age that are often overlooked.  An analysis of specific risk factors associated with a genetic susceptibility, exposure to toxins, chronic inflammation, metabolic abnormalities, methylation and oxidative stress are important in creating an individualized program that is right for you.


Rejuvenatepromote the generation, development and integrity of new brain cells (neurogenesis), and build a cognitive reserve that preserves cognitive function as you age. 


Is there really a way to grow new brain cells?

A. Yes! The science of generating and regenerating new brain cell in key areas of the brain associated with memory and learning is one of the most exciting areas of research that links neurogenesis to maintaining a vital brain and the prevention of cognitive decline.

How will neurogenesis help me as I age?

A. Neurogenesis declines with age. However, neurogenesis in key areas of the brain associated with learning and memory (hippocampus) is possible throughout adulthood, but it is highly dependent on a proactive program that stimulates growth factors in the brain. Stimulating your brain to grow and renew in the aging process may ward off the cognitive decline associated with aging.

If I am experiencing signs of cognitive decline, is it too late to get started with a neurogenesis program?

A.  A complete evaluation with a medical professional should be initiated at the first signs of any cognitive decline. However, diet, exercise and key nutraceuticals are documented to promote the generation of new brain cells.

In addition, the earlier you begin a comprehensive program that incorporates lifestyle and nutrition factors that the research has identified as protective and supportive of neurogenesis, the more likely your cognitive function will benefit as you age. There is a host of promising studies that link the phenomena of neurogenesis in older age to a reduced risk for cognitive dysfunction.

Energize — vitalize the energy factories of our brain cells, the mitochondria, and optimize the energy metabolism that is critical to healthy cell function.


Why do we have to drill down to mitochondrial function with a brain health program?

A. The emerging research regarding the earliest stage (preclinical stage) of cognitive decline associated with neurological disease describes energy metabolism and mitochondrial function as key and modifiable risk factors. The mitochondria are a key component to your brain cells function and addressing your needs for mitochondrial function support is a vital to protecting and optimizing your brain cell’s function and performance as you age.


How do we know what my mitochondria need for optimal function and protection?

A. There are specific assessments that are oriented toward analyzing mitchondrial function and the host of nutrients necessary to keep energy metabolism fluid. In addition, specific assessment markers of oxidative stress that reflect damage to your mitochondrial DNA and mitochondrial membranes provide invaluable insights into the types of protective measures that can be incorporated into your proactive and brain protection program immediately.


Will I think and feel better with this approach?

Many individuals soon feel a boost in energy with mitochondrial support nutrition. Mitochondria are present in the cells of the body and brain and an energized body and a sharper mental function and focus are common experiences after starting with supplementation that is targeted toward repleting nutrient deficiencies and optimizing energy metabolism.

Protecting, Rejuvenating and Energizing your brain can provide a significant sense of renewed vitality and wellness. The BrainDefend program is intended to address the underlying physiological and neurological factors that contribute to both physical and cognitive decline in the aging process.

However, the success of the BrainDefend program and how well you respond is dependent on your current state of health and your commitment and follow through with the dietary, lifestyle and cognitive enhancing tools that will be provided to you.



Get started on The


Healthier Body-Brain



Over the course of six sessions and two months, I will personally walk you through the must do steps we need to take to set the foundation and path forward for a vital body and brain for the rest of your life.

To celebrate my two books, The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease, and The Improved MIND Diet that will launch on Amazon, the enrollment into BrainDefend™ will be cut almost in half. 

To celebrate my two books, The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease, and The Improved MIND Diet that will launch on Amazon, the enrollment into BrainDefend™ will be cut almost in half.

Are you a fit for the BrainDefend™ Body-Brain Renewal Program?

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What do you get in the two months we work closely together?

Over two months, we will meet every 10 days — 6 sessions in all.
What we will cover over the 6 sessions:  

  • A careful analysis of your history and family’s history to determine your risk for age-related health disorders that may put you at risk for dementia as you age. A thorough review and evaluation of the risk factors for dementia that are specific to you as you age.
  • A plan for laboratory assessments, if needed, that will define more precise nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle protocols to implement. Price of lab assessments not included in The BrainDefend™ Jumpstart Program. Direct access to ordering them will be made available.
  • Review of lab assessments results, and how they are linked to risk for cognitive decline as you age.
  • An analysis of your dietary, nutrition and lifestyle patterns to get you on the right track with foods, diet, supplements, and lifestyle habits.
  • Tailor a nutrition, diet, and lifestyle program that best fits your needs.
  • Patiently support and encourage throughout the Jumpstart program to ensure you are left with a solid foundation for preserving and enhancing your cognitive function as you age.
  • Email Check-Ins: You’ll have access to email follow ups for any clarifications needed from our sessions. Includes email check-ins on any answered questions from our sessions.
  • A final review and evaluation of progress to determine if any additional support is needed or desired through the BrainDefend™ Brilliance continuity program.


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