The video here is a replay of a webinar presentation I gave in April, 2020.

A profound realization that immediately struck me as the coronavirus/covid-19 pandemic arose was the underlying risk factors that increased the risk for covid-19 were the very same risk factors linked to late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD).

Since then I have been inspired to post articles and videos on social media, and relay via my BrainDefend® newsletter content about the pressing and overlapping comorbidities that link covid-19 and LOAD.

Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension are critical risk factors for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and aging, and for the severity and complications associated with covid-19.

In the presentation above, I detail how chronic inflammation in obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension upregulate a much greater risk for a more severe covid-19 outcome and the risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease in aging, and how we can easily modify that risk with nutrition.

The good news is that the coronavirus pandemic has brought a greater awareness of the health issues that underlie covid-19 complications to people around the world.

Diet-derived and supplemental nutrients that are powerful immune system boosters and inflammation buffering factors that are easily augmented in our diet and supplement protocols.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic presents a priceless window of opportunity to those that are more susceptible to covid-19 with an opportunity to reduce their risk by changing their diet and lifestyle patterns.

Our immune system and our brain thrive and are far more resilient to disease and inflamm-ageing* when they are fed well and supported with lifestyle patterns that optimize our healthspan as we age.

My BrainDefend® programs personalizes and carefully guides you on the path to identifying your specific risk factors associated with a risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life, and implementing the corrective interventions that reduce your risk.

Now that we know that taking control of our risk for Alzheimer’s also slashes our risk for covid-19, start your risk reduction plan now!

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Additional reading and viewing…here are a few links to articles and videos that also speak to the issue of chronic inflammation, obesity, and insulin resistance as potent risk factors that increase our vulnerability to Alzheimer’s in aging. 







* Inflamm-aging or inflammaging, denotes the chronic inflammation associated with aging and age-related diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Ralph Sanchez

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