About Ralph Sanchez

Ralph Sanchez is the author of The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease, a book which came to fruition through not only an extensive research focus by Ralph but also a journey to save his brain and heal his life.

It was during this quest that two things occurred. First, he committed to a vocational calling in the healing arts. Second, he came across a specific and inspirational revelation regarding an Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) reference. One which said there was a genetic variant risk factor for the debilitating condition that was easily and commonly available through traditional lab testing services.

Through the years, Ralph has dug deeper into the underlying elements associated with AD. This includes research into the hypothesis of “Type 3 Diabetes.” He extensively reviewed the neurological complexities and metabolic underpinnings of a diabetic brain to dementia and AD. This inspired him to write The Diabetic Brain in Alzheimer’s Disease. Within, he connects the dots between Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), and cardiovascular disease.

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Ralph’s passion is to enlighten others and to share his insights on the AD pandemic. His intention to do this through his in-depth review of AD research and to transform that body of science into actionable steps for risk reduction and prevention. Ralph has spent nearly two decades in the study to comprehend the risk factors and related etiologies of Alzheimer’s. The results will be part of an upcoming eCourse and personalized program. Both will guide individuals toward identifying and taking control of their unique set of AD risk factors.

Ralph has a calm and natural speaking style. He can translate the complexities of diabetic brain theories into details everyone can understand. He engages with authenticity about his own health challenges. They are woven into a personal awareness of his own risks and how he continually battles for his own cognitive health.

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