Brain Detox Code

Brain Detox Code

Detox and Rejuvenate

Your Body and Brain!

Introducing the One-Of-A-Kind
BrainDefend® Detox Code Program

Transform your health

and your life!


How is the BrainDefend® Detox Code program
different than other detox programs?

The BrainDefend® Detoxification Program is unique in that it is a carefully guided and personalized program that incorporates a metabolic health, brain, and gut detox component that often is overlooked in most liver-centric detox programs.

While the body and brain share similar detoxification pathways that facilitates the drainage and removal of toxins, the brain and gut both require a more specific and focused approach to more adequately detox and eliminate pathogens.

Most science-based detox kits and programs actually due a good job of enhancing the well-known phase 1 and 2 detoxification pathways.

These programs are often touted as liver detox programs because the supplemental detox products are designed to optimize the liver’s high concentration of phase 1 enzymes (CYP-450) and supportive elimination pathways in phase 2 that enable the biotransformation and metabolism of environmental toxins, drugs, hormones and many other compounds.

However, these detoxification systems are actually everywhere in the body and are present in the gut and central nervous system too. Yet, the gut requires a specialized approach to balancing the microbiome.

In the BrainDefend® Detox Code Program an added layer of supplemental therapy is added to make sure that is addressed.

In addition, this extra layer of gut detox support stimulates longevity and metabolic healing mechanisms, and counters many of the metabolic disturbances that are associated with an unhealthy healthspan!

Did you know that the brain has a similar lymphatic drainage system like the body does and it requires specific nutrients to keep that optimized? Yes it does!

The BrainDefend® Detox Code Program includes that focus and the supplementation, and lifestyle modifications resources to support that pathway too.



  • Lose weight
  • Boost immunity
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Protect your brain
  • Boost energy
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Protect your heart
  • Attain healthier skin
  • Optimize digestive health
  • Improve moods


Your Detox Supplements!



Berberine Synergy




Seriously Delicious High Potency Key Lime Pie


Your Guide…


So glad you are here to review my BrainDefend® body-brain detoxification program and how it can protect and transform your health and life now.

Optimizing detoxification for health and wellness benefits is an essential focus in addressing the accumulation of many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

I know well the importance of detoxification therapies as I had to incorporate these detoxification strategies and protocols to recover from pesticide and mercury exposures many years ago.

Since then, I have successfully assisted many patients and clients over the past twenty five years with similar health challenges, and they have experienced remarkable health benefits from our work together.

In addition, the dietary and nutritional support in my body-brain detox program will hone in on gut health and metabolic pathways that are vital for:

  • improving the health of your microbiome,
  • shedding belly fat
  • optimizing blood sugar levels and protecting against the onset of type 2 diabetes and brain diabetes, and
  • protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Of course, the BrainDefend® body-brain detox also has a specific focus on supporting the brain’s detox mechanisms.

There is not any other online detox program available that includes all of these critical foci—metabolic health, gut, brain, and liver detox support.

These added layers of in my body-brain detoxification program to a traditional liver cleanse is what makes my body-brain detoxification program unique.

It is a more comprehensive, and deeper metabolic health and detoxification program than traditional liver cleanses have built in to their tool bag and approach.

Lets get started!

Enroll now to make sure we get your detox kit and supplements delivered.

Once your purchase of the BrainDefend® Detox Code supplement protocol is processed, you’ll receive instructions and a calendar link so I can personally get you started on your detox program.



A Personalized Approach


Over four weeks we will have weekly online group meetings to make sure that all your personal needs and questions are addressed.

The meetings are recorded and sent to you in case you miss any, or you would like to review them at your convenience. This is especially important if you have never completed a detox as there often some mild to moderate discomfort when you get started.

We guide you and will make sure this is doable and a success for you!

Questions and concerns about your experience as we move along the four week BrainDefend® Detox Code program will get answered. You will get ALL the support you may need including my personal attention to your challenges!

To make this is easier for everyone, the BrainDefend® Detox Code program includes a pre-detox phase to get you ready for the more intensive component to the program—the last two weeks.

Two weeks prior to the more comprehensive supplementation and meal replacement part of the program, we will get you aligned with the proper access and support needed to fully address your core diet and lifestyle patterns.

The intent for this pre-detox phase is to more gently ease your. body and brain into the program and to set an important foundation as these are critical components to a more successful outcome and the long-term benefits you can derive from it.

The access to the BrainDefend® Detox Code diet and meal plans, and lifestyle guides are an added bonus to the personalized BrainDefend® detox program that few other detoxification programs provide.

No guesswork on what and how much to eat or include in your meals to make your detox a success! You will get digital reminders of the health habits needed to support your progress daily.


BrainDefend® Detox Code Program


Are you ready for

a brand new you?



The complete personalized and month-long program including supplements is:


Lose The Belly Fat And Save Your Brain From Shrinking

Lose The Belly Fat And Save Your Brain From Shrinking

The battle of the bulge is a losing proposition for many Americans. According to data derived from the most recent (2015–2016) National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES), the prevalence of obesity among U.S. adults was 39.8%.(1)

Visceral fat—the deeper belly fat that accumulates around the organs of the abdominal cavity, is linked to many health disorders that include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension, and dementia. 

With the evidence mounting on the associations between obesity, heart disease (CVD), and type 2 diabetes (T2D), to an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, an increased awareness of these associations and how it is all connected, now appears regularly in many popular news feeds. (more…)

Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease—The Hidden Midlife Crisis

Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease—The Hidden Midlife Crisis

Midlife may be a critical juncture in one’s life and a time for contemplating what the rest of it will look like. It may be a time of reflection on time well spent or sheer regret for not having done enough of what you really love to do. Midlife may also be a turning point in your risk for late-onset Alzheimer’s disease as the disease process may already be silently brewing in your brain.

Indeed, midlife may be time of crisis—the proverbial fork in the road for many of us.

While the emotional and spiritual grappling that comes with it may reveal a bigger purpose and a path forward, it often overlooks the vehicle to get you there—your body and brain.

In all likelihood, your health may be into its own hidden midlife crisis and that may be part of your challenge—although, how would you know?

All too often, we are not even aware that the integrity of our health is headed south. We may not feel that great, but we put off doing something about it as we have enough on our hands to worry about.

Instead we begin to throw little fixes at it such as over the counter stress and pain relief meds. Coffee and 5 hour energy drinks become a crutch.

If you have been to a physician, he is likely encouraging more fixes in the form of drug therapy for elevated cholesterol, high blood sugar, or other conditions.

Plus, the belly fat is a nagging reminder that you are not taking your diet and exercise as seriously as you should.

For both men and women, hormones are likely depleted or out of balance, and stress has taken its toll as well. It is not easy to muster a boundless enthusiasm for the next big chapter in your life when you feel depleted and out of sorts.

For women, the menopausal transition brings its own set of unique challenges. Declining estrogen levels at menopause bings into question how that can that affect your long-term health. Low estrogen in the menopausal transition is linked to a greater risk for Alzheimer’s in mid-to-late life.(1)

What to do? Well, do nothing and it is likely to get worse.


Polyphenols in the Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease and Dementia

Polyphenols in the Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease and Dementia

In a recently published study—NutriNet-Santé (10/2018)—that included the analysis of dietary records of 84,158 French adults that spanned between May 2009 and June 20017—  the study authors concluded found that “Higher intakes of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins and catechins (flavan-3-ols), were associated with a statistically significant decreased cardiovascular disease risk.”(1).

The polyphenol intake was primarily derived from coffee (49%), tea (23%), fruits (17%), vegetables (8%), and wine (5%). (more…)

Inflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease—Cause, or Effect?

Inflammation and Alzheimer’s Disease—Cause, or Effect?

The role of chronic inflammation in degenerative diseases associated with aging is considered to be a primary vector for the progression of neurodegenerative disorders and a powerful factor that underlies their etiology.

One needs only to look at the leading causes of mortality—heart disease and stroke, and the research models of inflammation that clearly link the pathogenesis of these disease processes in aging individuals to understand that inflammation and chronic degenerative disease are inseparable.

Since inflammation is central to aging-associated disease processes, it has been heavily investigated in models of neurodegeneration. In Alzheimer’s disease,  several studies have sought to clarify whether inflammation is a causative stimulus, or a concomitant feature of the disease process. (more…)

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